Kultur-Gut Wrechen - Shore Leave, Dining , Drinking, Sleeping

Pension Gärtnerinnenhaus

Picture: [The pension Gärtnerinnenhaus in the light of the sunset]

The rooms of the Pension Gärtnerinnenhaus are in the former cartwright's and gardener's house that was in the 1838 established in 1838. In 2001 this historic half-timbered house was restored and the 16 guestrooms (non-smoking) were fitted with showers and toilets.

Apart the breakfast buffet the kitchen offers lunch and dinner.

Picture: [The blue room.]

Picture: [The green room.]

Picture: [The yellow room.]

Picture: [The rustic-style room.]

The Meals

Picture: [Table and People]

We are cooking natural and seasonal meals. Most of the ingredients are homemade from our garden or from neighbouring farms. The bread for example is made by the baker Ihlenfeldt from Fürstenwerder.

Picture: [Company at Table]

You can take part on the daily meals. Because of cooking our meals recently we arrange the menu and the time with the guests. We serve on a long table.

Picture: [The gardener Kube]