Kultur-Gut Wrechen - Shore Leave, Dining , Drinking, Sleeping

The Allaround

Picture: [Winterin Wrechen]

We named the Gut Wrechen as Kultur-Gut Wrechen on one side of the historic reasons and on the other side of artistic reasons. Not only the artistic product - also the creative making-off process finds place here.

The Buildings are listed as historic monuments and the farmhouse will be restored step by step - certainly without disturbing the peace and leisure of our guests. Anybody who visits us has therefore a part in keeping up the buildings an so is also an active preservationist. We are looking forward to welcome you!

Your Stay

Picture: [Fall in Wrechen]

There are a lot of free time facilities which you are able to choose. For example you can walk or cycle on many ways in the beautiful surrounding. There are 5 planks where anglers can fish peacefully. You can swim in the closed and neighbouring lakes or explore them by boat.

The garden invites you for relaxing on many places. For friends of horses there are also riding and coaching facilities in the village. You could also do nothing!