Kultur-Gut Wrechen - Shore Leave, Dining , Drinking, Sleeping


Picture: [The Entranc of the Farm House]

The small village Wrechen is situated at the border between the Uckermark and Mecklenburg in the wildlife park Feldberger Seenlandschaft. Embedded in this hilly landscape the Kultur-Gut Wrechen is right at the Wrechener Lake - in the vicinity of forests and fields with kingfishers and otters...

Since 1840 when the house was built by Friedrich Wilhelm Buttel it has been kept originally and offers the guests an exceptional ambience for smaller and bigger events and ceremonies.

Picture: [A Stage in the Garden]



Kultur-Gut Wrechen    VCard
Gutsweg 15, (OT Wrechen) 17258 Feldberger Seenlandschaft | Germany
Phone/Fax: +049 (0)39831 22 122
info@kultur-gut-wrechen.de | www.kultur-gut-wrechen.de
GPS: 53.374439,13.536937

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